My name is Ros Ayres and here you will find my food reviews, recipes and features. Mostly I write about Sheffield although you will find my holiday food adventures are shared here too. Enjoy.


Courgette and honey muffins

Putting courgettes into a cake is a slightly strange concept as it is using a savoury vegetable in something sweet. It works amazingly well though as it gives the cake crumb a delectable moistness. The addition of the honey provides the sweet tones and gives a helping hand in stopping the muffins from being dry. I used local Sheffield Honey infused with cinnamon which is packed with flavour.

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Feeling the love for broad beans

The sunshine and the arrival of Spring marks the availability of a variety of seasonal vegetables and salads. It is an exciting time as there are so many fresh flavours now in season including rocket, watercress, asparagus, spring onions and broad beans. It is the ‘vacia faba’ – more commonly known as the broad bean that I want to focus on.

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Review: Snap Deli

Going out for breakfast is not something that I do that often. Today is different though as the sun is shining, it is Bank Holiday weekend and it feels the right time to try somewhere new. We headed to Snap Deli at Banner Cross, our choice motivated by the fact that we haven’t been there before, and it has been on my list of places to try for while.

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Beef Rendang – a taste sensation

Rendang is a spicy dish rich with coconut which originated from the Minangkabau people of Indonesia, it is also popular in Malaysia and Singapore. It is the Malaysian influenced dish that I’ve cooked here using Rick Stein’s Beef Rendang recipe from his ‘Far Eastern Odyssey’ book.

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