All things vegan food in Sheffield

The vegan food scene in Sheffield is the focus for this month’s Now Then magazine food feature. I have probably not mentioned everywhere that you think is great in our city. I did do my best with the space available to shine a light on where to go though for vegan dishes. Let me know about any I missed!

Here’s an extract of the article and you can read it in full here.

Undeniably, being vegan has become popular…There’s plenty to enjoy, whether you are vegan, vegetarian or ‘flexitarian’, from jackfruit and avocado wraps, quiches made with a quinoa crust and cauliflower popcorn to mac ‘n’ cheese hot dogs made with seitan, topped with cheese made with sweet potato.

You are likely to find plenty of combinations of ingredients you may not have tried before, and this includes drinks and sweet treats. For a taster, check out the all-vegan cocktail menu at the Temple of Fun on Rutland Way and the beautifully presented dairy-free desserts from Froconut.

Make No Bones Sheffield

Make No Bones brunch from their Facebook page.

There are a few reasons why people are deciding to follow a vegan diet now and social media is one of them. Instagram has been instrumental in showing off innovative vegan creations and is a platform for enthusiastic ambassadors to build a passionate following.

Follow the ALT, Make No Bones, The Incredible Nutshell, Sunshine Deli and Just Falafs to keep up to date on what’s on the menu and for vegan recipe inspiration.

Next month’s Now Then magazine food feature will be about the joy of Scandinavian food.

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