Sheffield’s Mexican feast

Mexican food is the theme for my food feature in the latest edition of Now Then magazine and there is a lot to say as the cuisine is so vibrant, colourful and varied. From tacos, burritos, salads, spices and chillis, the cuisine gives layers of invigorating flavours making the most of fresh ingredients.

I spoke to Joe from Pina at Kelham Island and Abi at Street Food Chef to get their lowdown on what’s special about Mexican food, how to make the best burrito and what they would serve if they were cooking a feast for friends.

StarmoreBoss have shared some great drink suggestions to go with Mexican dishes and Street Food Chef have included their recipe for Carnitas. This crowd-pleaser is easy to make and the pulled pork can be served with burritos or tacos. Ideal for any get together with friends and family. Read the Now Then article in full.

If you do enjoy Mexican food, I would recommend checking out Thomisina Miers’ cookbooks as well as checking out her Guardian food column. She is the founder of the Wahaca chain and writes very accessible recipes which vary from simple one pot dishes to more involved dishes, depending on what you fancy tackling.

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