Scandinavian food and an interview with Smorgas

Scandinavian food is the theme for this month’s Now Then magazine, it is the perfect cuisine for this time of year when our instincts are to hunker down with comfort food.

In Sheffield you can find Scandinavian beers at Beer Central in the Moor Market, Trippets Bar has gins from Finland and Norway. Starmore Boss on Sharrow Vale Road suggest trying the Scandinavian spirit Aquavit with fish-based dishes.

I spoke to Lesley Duffield from Smörgås on Glossop Road, opposite the Hallamshire Hospital, to find out more about all things Scandinavian and why we should embrace ‘lagom’ as a way of living and eating. Read the article in full here.

Smorgas Sheffield

Next month’s Now Then magazine food feature will be about giving back – food and charity.

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