The lowdown, all you need to know about pizza in Sheffield

Pizza is one of the world’s most popular foods, from the Neapolitan, where less is more, and the thin and crispy Roman-style to en vogue artisan sourdough pizza and your high street chain’s stuffed cheese, piled high with toppings.

There are also many variations on the pizza theme, with Turkish lahmacun, a flatbread traditionally topped with spiced mince and vegetables, the French pissaladière and socca from Nice, a gluten-free alternative made with gram flour.

But what makes a great pizza? We consulted some experts to find out more…

Picture House Social chef Ste Mullins: “Ingredients are key, which for us means importing San Marzano tomatoes and 00 flour from Italy […] A good margherita cannot be beaten. Really good quality San Marzano tomatoes, flor di latte cheese and fresh basil. If a place can’t serve you a good margherita, then don’t go.”

Ed Phillips of Reet Pizza at The Punchbowl: “For great pizza, you need great fresh ingredients and good quality dough. 00 flour is slightly more expensive but well worth the money. Experimenting is also key. You can make great pizza dough with beer. Just use half a pint of real ale and a good pinch of salt with the flour and you can taste the flavours in the bread.”

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