Peppercorn restaurant, chatting to Charlie

Whirlow Hall Farm are kicking off their Sheff’s Kitchen competition on the 11 June which will see chefs from local eateries going head to head from the Hidden Gem cafe, Halifax Hall and the Tickled Trout.

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“Sheff’s Kitchen is the ultimate cooking competition where passionate Sheffield chefs compete to win the coveted Sheff’s Kitchen title all in the spirit of fundraising for Whirlow Hall Farm Trust.”

In August, I will be the ‘foodie’ judge for the Sheff’s kitchen heat between Chris Mapp from the Tickled Trout and Charlie Curran from Peppercorn restaurant. To warm up for the competition I asked Charlie a few questions about why he loves cooking and more about his restaurant Peppercorn. If the photos are anything to go by, the competition will be at a high standard!

Charlie fence 2

Close up tuna


Why did you decide to get into cooking?

My brother was a chef and to earn some pocket money, I got a job pot washing in his kitchen. I loved the buzz and the chef banter. In time, I began to get more involved, chopping and preparing vegetables and loved it and I was also pretty good at it, so it progressed from there.

Who has inspired you?

The early days of Marco Pierre White. His passion and his bad boy attitude to cooking.

What are your favourite ingredients to cook with?

I love preparing and cooking super fresh fish.

We have run Peppercorn for nearly four years now. Having run places for other people in the past, it has been great to be able to make our own decisions and write our own menus.

We pride ourselves in producing superb, fresh food and seasonal food. 99.9% of food is made in-house, from the bread rolls to homemade chocolates.



Ham terrine 3

Ham terrine

We also like to think that the service we provide out front, is some of the best in Sheffield. The regulars that come back week after week tell us that. We’d like to think we are a neighbourhood restaurant.

When you are at home, what do you cook?

The honest answer is, I don’t! We work most nights so eat at work. And the few nights we do get off, we eat out.

We don’t have a go-to restaurant in Sheffield, I am a fan of Thai food though. I also enjoy Turkish and Mediterranean food.

What are you looking forward to the most about the Whirlow cooking competition?

I’m looking forward to the Sheff’s Kitchen this year because it really gives me an opportunity to meet other chefs and restaurateurs that I wouldn’t otherwise get to meet.
And I always love to win….obviously!!

Peppercorn restaurant
289 Abbeydale Road South
S17 3LB