Happy 7th birthday, Nibbly Pig!

Here we are, well into 2018 and today I’m celebrating my blog birthday. Nibbly Pig is 7 years old and there’s been a lot of eating and writing about food during that time.

My first blog post was written on a wet Sunday afternoon and it was about making sun-dried tomatoes using a recipe from the Leon cookbook. Looking back the writing style is a bit tentative and not very detailed or expressive. At that point, I had no idea what it was that I wanted to say about food. Now 100s of articles on, I feel more confident in what I want to write and the story I want to tell. Hopefully, it is interesting enough to keep people coming back for a read and to comment.

Homemade by Thelmas brunch

Homemade by Thelma’s brunch

Charcuterie - School of Artisan Food

Charcuterie – School of Artisan Food

When I started writing about food, I didn’t really know what my long-term direction was or if my blog would actually last more than a few months before I got bored. I never expected that it would become such a big part of my life and really ignite my passion and enthusiasm for food. The best bit for me is learning, whether that is a new recipe, trying a new ingredient or hearing someone’s story about why food is important to them.

Kat Cowan and me talking food on BBC Radio Sheffield

I am even more of an obsessive than I was before, in terms of the amount of time I spend reading and talking about cooking and eating. I am sure I probably bore my friends and family at points but they do get to eat the food I write about sometimes, so it isn’t a total hardship for them.

Now Then Magazine

Now Then Magazine

I’m proud to be the food editor for Now Then magazine (since 2015) and it has been awesome to work with the passionate team at Opus.  It has been a rewarding journey and I’ve appreciated having the opportunity to share and shine a spotlight on Sheffield’s independent food businesses, chefs and producers.

Bob having a snooze

Finally, life doesn’t always run smoothly and cooking, as well as food writing and having Bob, my Border Terrier has given me structure, comfort and fed my spirits, when they’ve needed extra nourishing.

Spaghetti with cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach and lemon

Spaghetti with cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach and lemon

Baked hake with cauliflower miso and dukkah, Skosh, York

Baked hake with cauliflower miso and dukkah, Skosh, York

Over the last 7 years, I have met some really inspiring and passionate people, had some fantastic food experiences, visited new places on the back of menus and been encouraged by the enthusiasm of other greedy people like me, so thank you.

I have a big appetite, so there will be plenty more writing and food adventures to come – I hope you will join me.