‘Why I love baking…’ Interview with head baker, Grace @ The Depot Bakery

My February Now Then magazine food feature will be focused on the joys of baking with a spotlight on the creative talents behind Make No Bones and The Bake Lab.  Look out for the magazine from the first week of February.

To get you ready for February and give you a flavour of some of the other independent bakeries we have in Sheffield, here’s a taster from Grace, head baker at The Depot Bakery. She shares why she’s passionate about baking and what her favourite bakes are.

P.S The Depot have an appetizing Instagram feed which you should check out, if you want to see what’s on the menu or to find out what new creations are available.

The Depot bakery cake
Tell us about how got into baking? What do you like about it? Where do you get your inspiration from?

I used to bake a lot when I was younger with my Mum and really fell in love with it when I was leaving school.  I loved to bake sponge cakes with fresh cream and strawberry jam. I used to make these for my Grandad’s birthday.

I enjoy trying new recipes to see if I can make an already good product even better or trying out different flavour combinations. I have a lot of recipe books that I get inspiration from but since being on Instagram, I’ve found loads of inspiring people on there who are doing some really original things.

My favourites on Instagram right now are Bam Bam Bakehouse and Supermoon Bakehouse. They have some really good looking products and interesting flavour combinations.

What can we expect to find you baking on a normal week ? What are your favourites?

On a normal week, I’ll do a mixture of bread baking and confectionery. My favourite things to bake are brownies as they’re such a simple thing to make but difficult to get just right.

The Depot bakery bread

At the moment we’re making Bailey’s cheesecake brownies and cinnamon sugar blondies. We’ll be bringing back salted caramel and raspberry cheesecake brownies in the coming weeks. These are two of our bestsellers.

What are your top baking tips?

My top baking tips would include…when cutting out scones, push, don’t twist the cutter, this will impact on the bake and the look of the scones.

Also, you can never too many recipe books. I’ve got over 100 recipe books, some of them might contain similar products or ideas but they will each have their own take or a new technique to try.

Are there any new recipes you are looking forward to trying out soon?  

We’ll be trying out some new brownie flavours, some old favourites have been tweaked. Keep an eye out as they will be coming to a Tamper and Depot bakery near you!

Where are your favourite bakeries aside from The Depot?

Well, I actually live in Nottingham but commute to Sheffield and one of my favourite places is Small Food Bakery in Nottingham. I was lucky enough to spend a day with the team there last year. They’re really focused on championing locally sourced produce which I think more people should be doing.

The Depot Bakery
92 Burton Road
S3 8DA

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