Freshly baked top tips from Sheffield bakers

For the latest edition of Now Then magazine I spoke to local bakers Komal Khan, head chef at Make No Bones on Chesterfield Road, and Sara Percevicius of The Bake Lab to find out why they are passionate about what they do, as well as gathering some top tips.

The evolution of baking techniques and technology has made baking more accessible and precise, then with a range of ingredients at our fingertips, it’s possible to travel the world with baking recipes.

Here’s an extract:

What are your top baking tips?

[Komal] If you like salted caramel, try adding miso to your caramel instead of salt. Wait till it’s cooled slightly, so as not to burn the miso. Also, coconut sugar is a delicious alternative to cane in desserts and adds a buttery, caramel flavour to your finished dish. 

[Sara] Always read the recipe from start to finish before baking and try to have all your ingredients at room temperature. Get your butter and eggs out of the fridge at least an hour before starting. Ingredients at the same temperature always mix much better, reducing the risk of the mix splitting.

Read the Now Then magazine article in full and check out Komal’s recipe for chocolate oat cookies.

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