Enjoy authentic Korean food with Yoki

Yoki has two different meanings in Korean; one is ‘here’ and other can be used when you are hungry, so you might say ‘let’s go for yoki’.

Yoki’s four owners (and couples) – Jay Park and Kay Kim, and Denny Song and Eun Park, started up Yoki earlier this year. They run a pop-up every Tuesday (11.30-2) at Union Street and will be opening their own place at the former Munch cafe in Crookes in June.

Yoki Sheffield menu

To give you a flavour of what to expect, here’s a snapshot of their menu which includes authentic dishes of bimimbap (white rice topped with tofu/gochujang Pork/ BBQ Pork), bokum bap (fried rice) and yukgejang (spicy beef stew soup). Expect healthy and wholesome food with plenty of vegetables and the option for more heat with added chilli sauce (gochujang), if you fancy it.

Here, Jay tells us more about Korean cuisine and the story behind Yoki.

Tell us more about Yoki and how you got started

We all have different backgrounds and unique skills. I did my PhD in Architecture at the University of Sheffield and Kay worked for an architectural company in London as an interior designer. Denny is in the trade business and Eun is Korean chef. Prior to coming to Sheffield, we’d lived in major cities like London and Amsterdam.

As you probably know, people who live in major cities often enjoy a variety of cuisines from around the world. However, in Sheffield Korean food is largely undiscovered compared to Chinese, Japanese and Thai. For this reason, we launched Yoki to introduce Sheffield people to the exciting flavours of Korean cuisine at affordable prices.

Yoki Sheffield

What is the best thing about Korean food?

The greatest strength of Korean food is health. It’s cooked with a good balance of vegetables and meats (or just veg, if you prefer). At Yoki, we will serve a range of meat and vegetable dishes, all marinated with authentic Korean flavours with optional extra garnishes and sauces to give you plenty of taste.

At our place in Crookes we’re planning on offering a tapas style menu so people can order for the table, share and experience a wide variety of Korean dishes. For drinks, we’ll have your usual coffee and teas, as well as handmade Korean traditional beverages.

What’s your ambition for your café in Crookes?

The name of our café is ‘Yoki Social Table’. As the name suggest, we hope that local people will come together to meet each other, socialise and we will host various events.

Our Yoki Social Table in Crookes will launch early of June. Opening hours will be 11 to 5 most days with regular evening events. We will also continue to run our Tuesday pop-up shop in Union Street as well as our events catering. It is going to be a busy time!

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