My first experience of a supper club

When I heard that there was a new Supper Club starting in Sheffield I was intrigued to find out more, especially as there isn’t currently one in the city that takes place in someone’s home.  I signed me and my husband up to attend to find out more about the experience and to try the food.

Komal Khan, the organiser and host of the Supper Club wasn’t a total stranger to me as she is a chef at the brilliant Fusion Organic Cafe. This  was reassurance that the food on offer was guaranteed to be good.

The menu for the evening included the following delectable dishes.

~free welcome cocktail (mango Bellini) and nibbles

~Thai corn fritters with a sweet and sour cucumber dipping sauce

~Indian style green fish curry

~Poached pears with ginger dark chocolate mousse and cardamom crème chantilly

~Coffee to finish

I have to admit that when I got thinking about what a Supper Club might involve I had images of ‘Come Dine with Me’. I thought there would be outlandish guests, where at least one person would get very drunk and fall asleep with their head in their pudding.

The reality was that we were impeccably behaved and we enjoyed an evening of tasty food and interesting company. We arrived at 7 and were greeted by Komal and met our fellow diners Sue, Pat, Clare (Exposed Magazine food blogger and Twitterer @lovetolivetoeat) and her husband. We sat down at the table set up in Komal’s front room and got ready for the food to arrive.

Whilst enjoying a Mango Bellini we tucked into homemade wholemeal pitta served with olive oil, herb mayonnaise and dukkah. The pitta were light in texture and ideal for dunking into the dips. I had dukkah for the first time last week in Cornwall and was only too happy to tuck into the nicely spiced nutty mix again.

Conversation flowed easily between us all and naturally we talked a fair bit about food as that was the reason we were there. As the corn fritter starter was brought through we each tasted and tried to identify the ingredients, when we got stuck Komal was on hand to answer any questions we had.

The fritters were fresh tasting and lightly fried with no greasiness. The dipping sauce went well and the flavour was nicely balanced with chilli heat, sweetness from the sugar and sourness from the rice wine vinegar.

Komal kept busy in the kitchen for much of the evening which we felt slightly awkward about, as it would have been nice for her to enjoy the food and conversation. We did say that she should sit with us which she did for short periods between cooking, clearing plates and tidying up.

The Indian style green fish curry that we had as the main dish was delicately seasoned with spices and chilli. The flaky chunks of trout were beautifully cooked and moist, and the rice was fluffy as it should be. Trout is a type of fish that I wouldn’t have thought to put in a curry, but now I’ve tried it I will definitely give it a go at home.

After a ten minute rest the dessert was brought through. The presentation was delicate and the taste was equally as good. The pear was tender and poached perfectly, the chocolate mousse with ginger undertones was a dish of true cocoa decadence (I am not going think about the number of calories!). It was interesting to try cardamon chantilly cream as it’s a flavour combination that I’ve not tried before. I think it rounded off the dish nicely. A few of us then had coffee and tea, there was a bit more chat, then we said our goodbyes and headed home at 11.30pm.

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and getting to know my fellow diners. As there was only a small group it made it easier to have conversations with everyone. I think we covered most topics from holidays, lavender shortbread to networking skills.  It was  nice at the end of the night to speak to Komal a bit more about food, her passion for cooking and how she loves her job at Fusion Organic Cafe. I am sure that this Supper Club will be one of many and I’d encourage you to give it a try. It’s definitely a more interesting experience than going out to a restaurant.

Sheffield Supper Club website – check here for future Supper Club dates.