Copenhagen and my favourite food places

Copenhagen has great food as well as great beer, there are a wonderful array of options from traditional Danish, street food, pastries to a bounty of fresh market produce.

Here are my favourite food places from my trip.


I enjoyed a healthy breakfast at Sidecar, a café near to our accommodation, the style is similar to Sheffield’s Tamper and I would highly recommend trying the yoghurt, granola, nuts and seasonal fruit for breakfast.

Sidecar cafe Copenhagen

The coffee was excellent too and everything was aesthetically pleasing from the furniture to the cups. My Dad and I went back for breakfast again the next day and I sampled the delicious raspberry chia seed porridge, it was colourfully decorated with blueberries, pomegranate seeds and mint. I took notes so I could try the dishes for breakfast back home.

Sidecar Copenhagen

Yoghurt with granola and berries

Sidecar Copenhagen

Raspberry chia pudding

Skyttegade 5
2200 Copenhagen


Cafe Auto

When in Denmark having a pastry or two is pretty much compulsory. I learnt something else too whilst I was in Copenhagen and that was the fact that their pastries are Viennese inspired not Danish.

Cafe Auto Copenhagen


At Café Auto, another one of our local eateries in Nørrebro I indulged in a kanelsnegle with a coffee. This snail shaped cinnamon bun was delicious and buttery and well worth the calories.

Griffenfeldsgade 22
2200 Copenhagen


Meyers Bageri

I also tried a pastry from Meyers Bageri, which was this beautiful cinnamon knot which reminded me of the  Swedish inspired cardamom snurrs from Forge Bakehouse.

Meyers Bageri Copenhagen

There are about five Meyers bakeries in Copenhagen, so you should check one out and their prices are pretty good. A fact you may be interested to know is the bakery was set up by Claus Meyer who co-founded and co-owns Noma.



I was in food heaven at Torvehallerne market, it is a lovely spot to take your time to walk around and absorb the sights and smells. Here you’ll be able to get anything from top-notch coffee, a traditional Danish open sandwich – smørrebrød, sushi, wine, fresh fish, meat, fruit and vegetables.



We called in to The Coffee Collective for a cappuccino, this place is serious about coffee and passionate about the origin of the beans, sustainability, fair trade with farmers, the roasting (they do their own) and quality of the cup of coffee you get. They now have five coffee bars across the city, the one at Bernikow offers interesting sounding coffee beers, cocktails and kombucha alongside the normal brews.

Coffee Collective Copenhagen

Coffee Collective

We had lunch at Hija de Sanchez where you can enjoy Mexican street food and top class tacos. Chef Rosio Sanchez previously worked at Noma and opened Hija de Sanchez in 2015.

Hija de Sanchez

Hija de Sanchez


We went for a combo plate (£11) to get a bit of everything – 1. cheese, avocado and pickled onion, 2. egg, tomato, onion and coriander and 3. braised beef, chilli and Mexican spices. They looked vibrant and were zingy with lots of fresh flavours.


For Hooked it all began with a food truck offering simple but well-made fish and seafood and then they opened their first restaurant in 2017 in Nørrebro. 

Hooked Copenhagen

The style is laidback and they don’t do reservations, the menu is concise and offers a range of snacks, mains, dips and drinks. I opted for the salmon burger with fries and a black garlic mayo, then as we are greedy we shared some calamari. This was well-cooked and tender and the salmon burger in a brioche bun with red cabbage and avocado looked the part and was delicious.

Hooked Copenhagen

Salmon burger, fries and calamari

Nørrebrogade 59
2200 Copenhagen



Hotdogs are a popular street food in Denmark, the quality of the hotdog though can sometimes be questionable and that is where DØP are different as they use organic meat and decent ingredients from the bread to the remoulade.

DØP hotdog

We were recommended to try DØP if we wanted a good hotdog by the lead on a walking tour we went on the day before. It was added on my list and after we visited the Round Tower we picked up our lunch as their stand is located just outside. There were a few different types to try, I stuck to the classic with mustard, ketchup, remoulade and pickles. I’d say it was the best hotdog I have had and I enjoyed it all the more knowing it was proper meat and there was nothing dubious!

Købmagergade 50
1119 Copenhagen


Tommi’s burger joint

The first Tommi’s burger joint opened in 2014 in Reykjavik, Iceland and now they have places across the world from Copenhagen, Rome to London. The one I went to was in the trendy meatpacking area of Vesterbro, it’s only a small place with a few tables. Choices are straightforward and prices are reasonable (for Copenhagen), you will pay about £10 for a meal deal of burger, fries and drink.

Tommi's burger joint Vesterbro

Tommi's burger joint Vesterbro


I went for the classic burger and it was cooked medium (the way I like it), the patty was well-seasoned and they were fine fries too. I also loved the help yourself condiment station where you could get everything from chilli sauce to ketchup. They have two burger joints in London and one in Oxford if you want to try one nearer to home.  

Tommi's Burger Joint Vesterbro

Høkerboderne 21-23
1712 Copenhagen


Ma’ed Ethiopian

This cosy and casual style restaurant was near to where we were staying and was one of the recommendations from our friendly local bar, as mentioned previously.  As it was the first time we’d tried Ethiopian food we opted for the family plate where you get to try a bit of most dishes. 

Ma'ed Ethiopian

Ma'ed Ethiopian Copenhagen

It is hands on food literally, all the dishes were served on a sour pancake called injera which is made with teff flour and left to ferment like sourdough before cooking.  To get stuck in (we looked at others), you just tear off some pancake and scoop up some tender spiced beef stew with collard greens (gomen besiga) or some rich chicken curry (doro wat) with yoghurt. There was lots of interesting and exciting flavours going on with every mouthful and it’s inspired me to do more research into Ethiopian recipes.

Griffenfeldsgade 7
2200 Copenhagen

Reffren – Street food

We took the trip across the water on the yellow Movia harbour bus to Refshaleøen island to check out Reffen. It was based on the nearby PapirØen (paper island) but relocated recently to this larger site to accommodate the growing food market and entrepreneur pop-ups.Reffren Copenhagen

It is a great space and you are welcomed by a colourful array of shipping containers that are home to a variety of food stalls, bars and pop-up businesses. You can get roast pork sandwiches, meatballs, tacos, pizza, ice cream to burgers. They have music in the evening and you can take a seat at one of the communal tables to enjoy the sunshine and the view of Copenhagen from the water.

Reffen food Copenhagen

Reffen street food

Refshalevej 167A
1432 Copenhagen


For more information

To find out about Copenhagen check out Visit Copenhagen’s website, it is excellent and has lots of advice on places to visit, eat and drink. Plenty of ideas for when I make a return trip to Denmark!