Making sourdough bread

Making Sourdough is a job that requires some planning as you need to allow time for the sponge to ferment and the dough to prove.

Giving this time to the bread is the secret to a good loaf and a tasty one. Lucky for me then that PJ Taste provided the perfect recipe to fit into a working day and the starter I’d created at their ‘Evening with Bread’ was ready for its first use.

PJ Taste’s Spelt Bread Recipe

Stage 1

a) Before going to bed I made the sponge starter by mixing the ingredients below and left overnight at room temperature, covered in a plastic bag. (We stored ours on top of the boiler).

200g Organic Spelt Flour
80g sour dough starter – stir thoroughly before using
240ml warm water (35 degrees C)

b) In the morning the sponge had fermented nicely as shown by the bubbles.

Stage 2

The husband added 240g white bread flour and 5g sea salt to the mix. Kneaded for 5 minutes.
Shaped the loaf and placed into a greased 2lb loaf tin and left in a plastic bag at room temperature.

We headed off to work for the day…..

c) On arriving home – 8 hours later – we checked the dough and it was double in size and ready for baking. The oven was pre-heated on its highest setting and the loaf was then baked at maximum heat for 7 minutes. The heat was reduced to 180 and the loaf was baked for 30 – 40 minutes. The bread was then taken out and left on a wire tray to cool.

The finished loaf had a tasty flavour with a hint of sourness that wasn’t overpowering.

I made a simple starter of bread topped with sautéed mixed mushrooms with garlic, parsley and thyme. It was flavoursome and the bread soaked up the mushroom juices which added to the deliciousness of the dish. After the success and ease in baking this Sourdough loaf, I think this will be the first of many loaves.