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Beef, ginger and coconut curry

A comforting beef, ginger and coconut curry

I frequently have conversations with people about food, from colleagues to friends, there’s no surprise in that as it’s a topic that I am pretty obsessed by. Quite often the focus ends up coming around to sharing our favourite foods and what we each love to cook or eat. So, why do we crave certain foods and why do they make us feel happy?

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Potato aubergine pea curry

Potato, aubergine and pea curry

Curry is the perfect comforting meal to make especially as we’re getting into the autumn/ winter season. It is one of my favourites to prepare and I’ll often experiment with combinations, chopping and changing the spices and the vegetables to fit what I feel like eating.

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Potato with mint, lemon and spring onion

The power of the potato

You can end up taking some everyday ingredients for granted and the potato is one of those, I think. It is always to hand providing the backbone to many dishes and it’s a go to ingredient for me each week in my cooking.

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