Read more about my eating in adventures and what I have been cooking at home in Sheffield.

Mocha Muffins

I was trying to think of something different to bake for a friend’s birthday and I came across Dan Lepard’s Mocha fig muffins recipe. This wasn’t any old muffin recipe; this one had no eggs or diary in it, which sounded like an interesting concept to test out. I decided to do my muffins with apricots and stem ginger rather than figs.

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Making sourdough bread

Making Sourdough is a job that requires some planning as you need to allow time for the sponge to ferment and the dough to prove.

Giving this time to the bread is the secret to a good loaf and a tasty one. Lucky for me then that PJ Taste provided the perfect recipe to fit into a working day and the starter I’d created at their ‘Evening with Bread’ was ready for its first use.

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