Read more about my eating in adventures and what I have been cooking at home in Sheffield.

January greens

Now that the Christmas and New Year festivities are over my body is telling me that it is time to get healthier and start to eat some green stuff, instead of biscuits, chocolate and cake. I’ve eaten more meat than I’m used to with roast dinners a-plenty and I am craving simple meals with plenty of vegetables.

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From pork to fork

Now closed and it is home of Dino’s restaurant.

The restaurant Kitchen on Ecclesall Road specialises in modern British cuisine and is the place where I gained inspiration to cook this meal.

They do a dish called ‘Dixie’s Three Little Pigs’ which has been a mainstay dish on their menu for a while. It comprises of three cuts of pork – belly, fillet and cheek. For my version, I used these same cuts with my own twist in terms of the way the dish was cooked and presented.

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Spiced pumpkin soup

Pumpkins are not just for carving scary faces into at Halloween. They are a versatile ingredient that I like to roast, use in curry, risotto or make into a soup.

A whole pumpkin is too a bit too much for our small household; fortunately in Beanies they sell it by the slice. An ideal for us as I could just buy what I needed and we wouldn’t be destined to eat just pumpkin for a week.

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Choc cornflake cakes with chilli and lime

I think about food a lot and during one of my food related daydreams I thought of this idea of spicing up the chocolate cornflake cake. I remember making the conventional version at school and at home when I was young. They were the ideal child friendly cooking as they were easy to make and only required a handful of ingredients. Then at the end there was the pleasure of licking the chocolate off the spoon and scraping the bowl clean.

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