Homemade curd cheese

I like to try new cooking techniques and learn more about making food and so we tried our hand at making our own cheese.

Here is how it is done, if you want to try yourself.

Curd Cheese

One litre whole milk (we used Our Cow Molly’s)
A pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of rennet (we bought this at Beanies) or the juice of a lemon if you can’t find rennet.


Heat one litre of milk gently in a pan to 38C, remove from the heat and add the rennet.

Leave the milk for 15 minutes, in this time the milk will  begin to curdle as the curds separate from the whey.

Gently remove the curds from the whey with a slotted spoon and put them into a muslin bag or sieve.

Hang the bag or sieve above a bowl and leave it to drip for about three hours.

Remove the cheese from the bag, put it in a bowl and then put it into the fridge. The cheese will last about a week.

How to serve?

I decided on two flavours for the cheese – the first half had a little lemon zest and few chopped basil leaves stirred through it. For the second I mixed in a couple of crushed Szechuan peppercorns and a teaspoon of chopped dried chilli.

Served on oatcakes with some salad it made for a very pleasant starter.

The crumbly texture of the cheese tasted good and the strong flavours worked really well. I think the cheese would have been bland without something added. As a first try at cheese I think it worked well, buying cheese is easier  but less fun.