May Now Then magazine – for the love of cheese

With a bit of spring sunshine and lighter evenings, what could be better than a plate of cheese with a few of your favourite condiments, pickles and a chilled glass of wine?

You might love the classics, believing there is nothing better than a chunk of cheddar or a slab of brie – but what if there is? It’s time to be brave, step out of your cheese comfort zone and try something new.

To hone your knowledge, try a cheese club. Homage 2 Fromage run one at Tamper Sellers Wheel, with each month focused on a different theme. They’ve had everything, from Celtic cheese tastings to the most recent night, which was Italian-themed.

7 Hills Bakery on Sharrow Vale Road run a regular cheese, bread and wine evening, with cheeses from Porter Brook Deli alongside 7 Hills Bread and wine from Starmore Boss. Expect a traditional mix with a few choices to keep you on your toes. We’ve heard the German Montagnolo Affine is the one to try, a creamy cheese with a hint of blue, a little like brie.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a taste before you buy and seek out recommendations. Top tips from Mr Pickles on Abbeydale Road include Cryer and Stott’s vintage cheddar and the brie-style Flat Capper, as well as Swaledale’s blue cheese and Ribblesdale’s Gouda.

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