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Potato aubergine pea curry

Potato, aubergine and pea curry

Curry is the perfect comforting meal to make especially as we’re getting into the autumn/ winter season. It is one of my favourites to prepare and I’ll often experiment with combinations, chopping and changing the spices and the vegetables to fit what I feel like eating.

This potato, aubergine and pea curry has it’s origins in aloo gobi (potato and pea curry), I added aubergine and other vegetables to make the most of what I had in the house. Despite what might seem like a long list of ingredients, it is easy to make.

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Potato with mint, lemon and spring onion

The power of the potato

You can end up taking some everyday ingredients for granted and the potato is one of those, I think. It is always to hand providing the backbone to many dishes and it’s a go to ingredient for me each week in my cooking.

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Shakshuka nibbly pig

A Sunday brunch – shakshuka

Brunch is one of my favourite meals as for me it represents a time when I can enjoy a leisurely morning of eating. Normally this is a rarity, especially in the week, as my typical routine for one reason and another means that I eat my breakfast at my desk at work.

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Healthy eating – a tale of two salads

It can be very confusing working out what is healthy food right now and what it is you should or shouldn’t be eating this week. Sugar is currently the baddy, and I am not sure if red wine is in or out, then there is the spiralizing craze, the popularity of kale smoothies and I’m not sure if I should be sprinkling chia seeds on everything.

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