My name is Ros Ayres and I love food and it’s a topic which is on my mind most of the time from what I have eaten to what I will be eating.

I started this blog in 2011 and it’s dedicated to my passion for all things edible from what I’ve been cooking to championing local producers, sharing food stories and the great places there are for food and drink.

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My cheesy photo with my food hero Yotam Ottolenghi.

As we all have to eat, I think it’s important that we should enjoy participating in food whether that’s eating, preparing ingredients and cooking.  Food is ingrained into all of our lives to lesser or greater extent, think about your favourite holiday, childhood memories and getting together with friends and family.

I enjoy home-cooking and getting creative in the kitchen. I try to buy decent ingredients (not necessarily expensive!) to create flavoursome dishes with colour, texture and that are nutritious. Despite the popularity of Masterchef, I don’t think cooking has to be complicated or time-consuming. I think some of the best dishes can come from using a few well matched ingredients say – spaghetti, olive oil, parsley, chilli flakes & garlic.

I do enjoy eating out as a treat and Sheffield has some excellent food producers, cafes, delis, pubs & restaurants, and the food scene getting better by the year. Nationally, Sheffield isn’t really known for it’s reputation for food, I think that it is time for that to change and that the city’s food talents should be celebrated. I will do my small bit to help here.

You can follow my food obsession via my monthly food features in Sheffield’s Now Then Magazine and follow me on Twitter @Nibbly_Pig and Instagram – ros_ayres.

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